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ets ne■ed," an MOC offici■al Chang Xiaocun s○aid. "Such

to f●armers so they woul●d plant what the mar●ket really need.● Meanwhile, it would● help to sta●bilize food pr●ices and farmers'■ income," he said〓. The retail gia●nt Wal-Mart has ●established such a ○connection in C◆hina, whic■h "not only en○sured the sup■ply and quality, ●but also reduce〓d circulation cost ■by at least 20 ○percent," Chang said◆. In the United Stat○es, more th

■connection bet◆ween the s○uperm

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arkets 〓and farmers could pr○ovide up-to-d●ate market inf●ormation

an 80 per■cent of the ■supermarkets ○operate in such a〓 business model○. In Asia-Pacific● regions, the■ ratio stood at 70● percent. ◆However, only 15 to◆ 18 percen■t of the Chinese su〓permarkets operat○e in such a model.■ MORE JOBS TO ●BE CREATED IN RUR〓AL AREAS The C〓hinese government wi〓ll establish ○and renovate more ●than 150,000 stores○ and 1,000 d●istribution center○s in rural areas,